Recent Publications:

Kefford, G., Dommett, K., Baldwin-Philippi, J., Bannerman,S.,  Dobber, T., Kruschinski, S., Kruikemeier, S.,  Rzepecki, E. (2022). Data-driven campaigning and democratic disruption : evidence from six advanced democracies. Party Politics.

2020. “Data Ops, Objectivity, and Outsiders.” Political Communication. Online First: Download proofs here

2019. “Data Campaigning: Between Empirics and Assumptions”  Internet Policy Review 8(4). OPEN ACCESS:

2019. “The Technological Performance of Populism.” New Media & Society. Online First: PDF of proofs here

2017. “The Myths of Data-Driven Campaigning.” Political Communication: The Forum 34(4). [On Trump and Clinton’s 2016 data operations]  PDF of pre-proofs version here

2018 “Data-driven Campaigning” in New Agendas : Big Data in Political Communication ed Talia Stroud. New York: Routledge. PDF of proofs here.

2017. “Politics 2.0” in Sage Handbook of Social Media eds. Jean Burgess, Alice Marwick, and Thomas Poell. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. PDF of proofs here.

2015. “The Cult(ure) of Analytics in 2014” in Campaign 2014: Media Message and Mobilization eds. John Allen Hendricks and Dan Schil. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

2013. Gordon, Baldwin-Philippi, Balestra “Why We Engage: How Theories of Human Behavior Contribute to our Understanding of Civic Engagement” Berkman Center Research Publican #21

2014. Gordon, E. and Baldwin-Philippi, J. “Civic Learning Through Civic Gaming: Community PlanIt and the development of trust and reflective participation.” International Journal of Communication. 8: 759–786. Access online:

2013. Gordon, E and Baldwin-Philippi, J.Making a Habit Out of Engagement: How the Culture of Open Data Is Reframing Civic Life” in Code for America Open Data Anthology New York: O’Reilly Media.

2013. Baldwin-Philippi, J. and Gordon, E. “Designing Citizen Relationship Management Systems to Cultivate Good Civic Habits.” Boston Area Research Initiative Policy Brief.

2013. Baldwin-Philippi, J., Gordon, E., Jacob, N., and C. Osgood. Design Action Research with Government: A guidebook. MacArthur Foundation Report.

2013. Baldwin-Philippi, Jessica. “Constructing skeptical citizens: How campaign microsites foster new ways of engaging political information and understanding citizenship”  Journal of Information Technology & Politics 10(3).

(2011).  “New Approaches to the Study of Communication Technologies: Bringing Science and Technology Studies to bear in Communication Studies Research” Communication Research Trends. Access article online here.

Bachen, C., Raphael, C., Lynn, K., Baldwin-Philippi, J., McKee, K.  (2010)  “Games for Civic Learning: A Conceptual Framework and Agenda for Research and Design.” Games and Culture. 5(2): 199-235. Access article online:  

Raphael, C., Bachen, C., Lynn, K., McKee, K., Philippi, J., (2008).  “Civic Engagement, Pedagogy, and Information Technology on Web Sites for Youth.” Political Communication. 25(3): 290-310.  Access article online:

Raphael, C., Bachen, C., Lynn, K., Baldwin-Philippi, J., McKee, K. (2006) “Portrayals of Information and Communication Technology on World Wide Web Sites for Girls. Journal of Computer- Mediated Communication. 11(3).


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